Battlefield 1 Reveal! Is Call of Duty already dead?

Is Call of Duty already dead?

The release of the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare trailer on the 2nd of May sparked a wide disappointment over the First Person Shooter community. The setting so far in the future is just not engaging as a present or historical setting would be. Although Call of Duty tried something new with the introduction of space battles, at least for the single player, aswell as their old ‘boots on the ground’ combat system, the community was not satisfied with the Reveal trailer, as it has 80% dislikes on YouTube as of the 8th of May 2016.

Most likely Call of Duty Infinite Warfare will be the same disaster all over again. Activision’s sold copies of Call of Duty get lower every year, but they seem to not figure out what the community really wants. Even Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered is not well received by the community, because Activision did not include all multiplayer maps as of what we know at this point in time.

Who’s opportunity is it then to claim the throne in the FPS market?

Correct, it’s EA.

The EA developers came out with a massive response to the Call of Duty Reveal. They already made fun of the CoD trailer, because they thought it was poorly executed.
So they set their goal to beat CoD this year and they executed perfectly.

EA’s Reveal Trailer released on the 6th of May was a massive success. The new Battlefield strangely named Battlefield 1, will take us back into World War 1. Unlike Call of Duty’s future setting, the WWI was so well received that EA’s Trailer got about 97% likes as of now.
Many people think that Call of Duty will be shattered by Battlefield this year.

The last real iteration of CoD vs. Battlefield was CoD: Advanced Warfare vs. Battlefield 4 leaving out Hardline, was in nobodies favour really. But this time I think CoD will lose out big time and they will have to make a drastic change for the next development cycle.

Theres not everything lost yet thought. In the last years Electronic Arts is known for their ‘always on’ policy. On top of that the gaming community thinks that with the last iteration of some iconic games EA failed big time. Examples of that are SimCity (2013), The Sims 4 (2014) and Need for Speed (2015).
Having that in mind it, we will have to wait for the release to really see how the two games compete, but EA has certainly done a step in the right direction with their choise of setting.

To conclude Electronic Arts has a really good chance of dethroning Activision’s Call of Duty from the FPS throne this year and for years to come. 

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