E-Sports and Television. A good combination?

There have been several attempts to not only stream competitive online games on the Internet, but on the TV at home. Although the coverage of matches have been slim so far the demand is strangely huge. The International 2014 (Dota 2’s World Championships) has been broadcasted on ESPN 2 for half an hour. In the following year Heroes of the Dorm’s Grand final was broadcasted full length on ESPN 2.

Are other Television Channels following the trend?

Yes they are!
A Norwegian Television Channel called TV 2 will bring a full season of CSGO, League of Legends and Starcraft 2 to their audience.

Big Ten Network will broadcast an
invitational event for League of Legends in collaboration
with Riot Games.

Turner Broadcasting
will even stream two full seasons of ELeague’s Counter
action. The same League will be shown on the german TV Channel Prosieben. On the 1st of July the hunt for 1.2 million dollar will start on Television.

Is this enough broadcasting for E-Sports?

No, certainly Not!
I think E-Sports deserves much more recognition. The last couple of  CSGO Major finals are a great example. The latest major final had a grand total of 1.25 million people sitting in front of their monitors at the same time.
If this does not show how far E-Sports has come, then you just have to look at the prize pools of the International 2016, which will have a prize pool of over 25 million dollar.
That’s pure insanity!

Television channels would do themselves a great favour considering to broadcast live E-Sports on their TV-channel. Of course not every channel has the audience that fits for that kind of program, but it is most certainly worth a shot!

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