Respawn Entertainment developing Titanfall 2 and a mysterious Star Wars Game!

On May 4th (Star Wars day) EA made an announcement, that an action adventures is in development under Respawn Entertainment.
The studio already confirmed that they are working on successor of Titanfall called Titanfall 2. The Studio is now working with two separate teams to deliver a First Person Shooter in the style the predecessor established and a third person action adventures in the Star Wars universe.

Who is Repsawn Entertainment?

Respawn Entertainment are known for their hyped game Titanfall, which quickly lost the hype after its release due to not reaching the expectations.
But Respawn Entertainment did not only deliver us the innovative multiplayer of Titanfall, they were formerly known as Infinity Ward the developers of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Triology, Call of Duty Ghosts and this year’s Call of Duty Infinity Warfare.
After they released the groundbreaking Modern Warfare 1 and Modern Warfare 2 the studio split up and the one half went on to group Respawn Entertainment and develop Titanfall.

What is known about the two new games?

Titanfall 2 will build up on the concepts Titanfall 1 offered. This time offering a real single player campaign and a more lasting experience.
There is not much known about the Action Adventure Star Wars game. There are rumors
that it is Open-World and will use the Unreal 4 engine instead of EA’s houseown Frostbite Engine. Repsawn Entertainment will receive help from the developer studio that made God of War 3 for the Star Wars game.

I am really excited about both games although there is not much known about them and you should be too. There should be soon be some reveal trailers released by EA and Respawn. Up onto that point we just have to wait for further information. Check back for when new Information is announced.

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