Nvidia’s new Graphics Card Series! How good is it really?

Five days ago Nvidia announced their new Graphics Card Series consisting of the GTX 1080 and the GTX 1070. The GTX 1080 will be available at the 27th of May, but only as a “Founders Edition” costing $699 instead of the usual price of $599. A date for the cheap version of the card is yet to be announced.
Two weeks later the GTX 1070 will be released at the 10th of July. This Card will cost $379 and the Founders Edition will be at a price tag of $459.

How do the new cards perform?

I will focus on the GTX 1080 for this topic as it will be the new flagship card for Nvidia.
First some technical data for the card. The card is build with the new Pascal architecture, which allows for a thinner frame structure in the graphics card. It will feature 8GB of GDDR5X Ram, which is double the Ram size of the GTX 980.
The GTX 1080 is able to save at a speed of 10Gbps and it runs a clock rate of 1733 MHz.
But what does all that mean for the gaming experience?
In some of the newer games the benchmarks of Nvidia show that the GTX 1080 has about ~60% more performance, than its predecessor the GTX 980. For VR the card has an improvement of about ~250%. These benchmarks go to show that the new generation of graphics cards looks very promising.

How realistic is the data for you own system at home?

As there are currently no drivers available to power the GTX 1080 on home systems, there were no benchmarks run yet. Nvidia announced that the driver will launch in a couple of days. But the press is currently not allowed to talk about future benchmarks, therefore giving us no real feedback for the real performance of the new GTX 1080 and the GTX 1070.
However if Nvidia’s data is to be trusted, then it would mean the biggest jump of a graphics card generation to another in the near past.

For people thinking about buying one of the two new graphics cards themselves, I think you should wait until there are long-term test of the cards. Also the Founders Editions of the cards make them a lot more expensive than they should be. 
So people really thinking about a new graphics cards wait until you are able to buy a Standard Edition by some of Nvidia’s distributors MSI, Asus, Gigabyte and many others. I am really excited for the new generation of graphics cards although I am really sceptical about the performance they will bring to the table.

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