Overwatch: Most successful Beta of all time!

On May 5th Blizzard Entertainment released their new First Person Shooter Beta Overwatch to the public. The beta was supposed to end on May 9th. A day prior to the ending Blizzard announced that the beta would end a day later on May 10th.
Overwatch is Blizzard’s attempt on mixing elements of a FPS and a MOBA together combined in one game.

How successful was the beta of Overwatch?

During the five days of beta a total almost 10 Million gamers logged into the game and played at least one round. That defeated the prior record holder The Division, which also released this year, by over 3.3 Million unique players.
Users were able to play the beta on the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. Combined they acquired a total of 81 Million hours of gameplay in over 37 Million matched played. That means the average beta player played the game for 8.4 hours during the five days of beta.
All these stats make the Overwatch beta the most successful beta of all time in the gaming industry.

What makes the game so special?

The interesting combination of MOBA and FPS elements, gives the game a fresh feeling for a First Person Shooter. Overwatch will find most of its success in the E-Sports side of things, because Blizzard is going to focus on a competitive environment. That will lead to many tournaments for the game and therefore promoting it. Due to the game being fast paced, really easy to get into and still bringing great depth Overwatch will benefit much from the promotion E-Sports brings with it. These requirements fulfilled will make the Shooter a well-rounded one for the whole spectrum of gamers.

I think Overwatch will be a great success, just like the beta was. I’m really interrested in how the game will do after its release on the 24th of May. Especially the E-Sports component of the game will be an interesting thing to follow.

Are you interested for the release of Overwatch on the 24th of May? Leave a comment


2 thoughts on “Overwatch: Most successful Beta of all time!”

  1. Did you play the Beta yourself? If so, what do you think of the game and will you buy it?
    Also here are some typos:
    “The Disivision”
    Due to the game being PAST paced


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