FIFA 17 confirmed! What will it bring to the table?

To nobody’s surprise Electronic Arts announced a new iteration of their famous football simulation FIFA. During the release of EA’s financing report a plan for next years releases was posted. The plan featured many games: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, NHL 17, NBA Live, Madden 17, Mass Effect Andromeda, Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2. FIFA 17 was also featured in the list and it was set to release in Q2 for EA’s year cycle. A Q2 release would mean a release date between July and September. Due to FIFA 16 release on the 22nd of September, it is really likely that FIFA 17 will release at the end of September. The game will most likely launch onto the Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and the PC.

What is planned for this years release of the game? 

EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson announced that FIFA 17 will make a big jump in terms of personalization and game depth, which will lead to the game being more competitive.
Because this statement is so unprecise, it’s for time to tell what EA’s new release will bring to the table.
The Norwegian football player Andrine Hegerberg, playing for the women’s national team, posted a picture of herself at the photo shooting for FIFA 17 on Instagram. This makes it really likely that EA will stick to woman teams in FIFA, which were introduced last year.

Rumors for the new FIFA

There are many wild speculation’s about what will stay in the game, what will be kicked out and what will be new.
Due to Lionel Messi’s contract for the title cover actor running out this year, there are many speculations for who will be the next cover star. Many speculations lead to two possible cover athletes James Rodriguez and Jamie Vardy.
Also a topic for each years FIFA release are the licenses. There are rumors that some lower league are being introduced. That would for example mean the 3rd German league, Ligue 3, Serie C1 and many other possible leagues.
Also in the mix is the chinese “Super League”, which got some popularity due to some big signings during the last couple of month.

I think the next iteration of FIFA really needs to step up its game. That is because the last FIFA brought some new ideas, but they were really not a game changer.
To accomplish a more polished game EA should think about a Current Gen only release, as the last generation consoles are holding them back a bit.
I think EA can do many things right with their next FIFA, but they certainly have to bring in some fresh air for people not being bored by the same game every year.

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2 thoughts on “FIFA 17 confirmed! What will it bring to the table?”

    1. No, I don’t think so. They make huge money with online subscribers. I just pain $50 to get my xbox gold account active to play fifa 16 with my friends online.


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