Hitman introducing Elusive Targets!

The first episode of Hitman (2016) was released on the 11th of March for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Publisher Square Enix and Developer IO Interactive are releasing the new third person stealth game in episodes, each featuring a massive map with many different missions. The first episode also called the Intro Pack costs 12,99 Euro. All epsiodes combined cost 49,99 Euro and if you choose to buy a single episode it will cost you 7,99 Euro. The already released Intro Pack and second Episode were not that well received by the community forcing the Developer to take action by releasing the Elusive Targets.

Hitman and its unique feeling

Hitman always had a special feel to it. The series was always known for giving the player numerous of opportunities on how to kill the target. Therefore IO Interactive focused on that part of the game a lot giving the game massive replay value.
So far the new Hitman features two of the seven episodes. These two episodes play in Paris and in a small Italian town called Sapienza. The two locations are very large and they feature some larger missions to play through. Except for the missions the content of the game is lacking.

What are Elusive Targets?

Elusive Targets is Square Enix’s attempt on overshadowing the lacking content of the game by constantly giving players new missions they can play though. But the Targets are different from the normal Missions, as they are only available for 48 hours and you only have one attempt on completing them.
The new Targets are not only space fillers though. There are special Items you can unlock by completing the challenges. The two challenges so far are to complete one Elusive Target and the other is to complete ten Elusive Targets. For completing one Target you are awarded the Absolution suit from Hitman: Absolution and for completing ten Targets you will get the suit from Hitman: Blood Money.

I think it’s a great attempt on fixing the lacking content for the game, but Square Enix need the next episodes to be better, for the game to build a real community. Hitman is always fun to play and therefore I am really excited for the upcoming episodes.

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