Battlefield 1 and Microtransactions! Will it ruin the game experience?

On the 6th of May Battlefield 1 was revealed on YouTube. The video acquired over 31 Million views and 1.6 Million likes, making it the most successful video game reveal of all time. Electronic Arts has done everything right so far, as they met the communities wishes for a World War I setting. The game will most likely be one of the most successful games this year.

Is everything perfect with the game?

Up until this point the game seemed to be quite good for most First Person Shooter fans. But now EA announced that their game will be featuring micro transactions on top of the paid Season Pass. As they already did it with many other titles, Electronic Arts will try to maximize their profit via micro transactions.
Many gamers don’t like the idea of paying extra. The game is already a full price title and EA wants to squeeze out every penny from the gamer community.

Will it have an impact on the gameplay experience and how are we able to stop that?

There is no real solution for an individual, as the big developers only see the amount of money they are able to earn with the micro transactions. To stop the recent development towards the little DLC’s the whole gaming community would have to stop buying the small DLC. As that is not really an option, we have to hope that EA’s micro transactions are only on the cosmetic side of things. Other companies like Activision already showed that selling additional weapons or maps can be really profitable. That makes it likely that EA will follow the trend.

I hope that EA’s micro transactions will have no impact on the gaming experience of Battlefield 1. We will have to wait until the game is released to judge. If Electronic Arts introduces a kind of  Pay-2-Win model the gaming community will have to take action in protesting against such a model.

What kind of micro transactions will be introduced by EA? Leave a comment


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