Call of Duty coming to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics! Could it become reality?

The developers for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Treyarch announced that they want Call of Duty to be part of the Olympic Games. Many new disciplines are part of the Olympic Games each time. Now Treyarch thinks that ESports should be one of the new disciplines. Treyarch’s head for market development Jay Puryear talked about this topic in an interview with Daily Star.

What did Jay Puryear say about ESports and the Olympic Games?

Jay Puryear made his point clear. He wants Call of Duty to be part of the Olmpic Games as soon as possible. Esports would be a great fit for the huge multi-sport event according to Puryear.
To support that statement Puryear talked about the most recent developments of Call of Duty towards becoming a massive ESport. On top of the Call of Duty World Championships, that are held each year, Activision introduced the Call of Duty World League. The World League is featured in three different regions: North America, Europe and Australia/New Zealand.
Each region has a total of twelve teams participating in a league over two stages. The stages are topped of with a playoff tournament. The best teams of each region will come together to play the Call of Duty World Championship.
This was an argument Puryear broad to the table, as this format is quite similar to real sports. On top of that he mentioned that Call of Duty was featured at the X-Games in Austin two years ago.
All these arguments were used to underline that Call of Duty would be a good fit for the Olympic Games. Asked the question “Do you think Call of Duty will be part of the Olympic Games in the future?”, he responded: “At a certain point in time it will be!”.

How appreciated would ESports be?

Professional players and the community actively following the scene certainly would appreciate such a development. The prize pools would be larger, leading to a more professional presentation, potentially a larger fan base and even better training for the players.
But what about the people not interested in ESports?
Many people who watch the Olympic Games are watching it for the traditional sports like Javelin throwing, high jump and the 100-metre dash. Because of that and the fact that ESports hasn’t really became mainstream, it is fairly unlikely that those people would even think about watching people playing a video game.
So ESports would only be watched by the people already watching it right now and potentially some younger people who grew up with video games. That is only speculation though.
To conclude I think it would be interesting to see an ESport like Call of Duty featured in the Olympic Games, although it wouldn’t make a big a big difference of what it is right now. That was already displayed on many ESports TV presentations.

I think the trend towards ESports becoming more mainstream is certainly there, but it hasn’t made enough progress to be featured in a massive event like the Olympic Games. But it will be really interesting to follow the ESports scene, as some sport teams started picking up some interest in the new scene.

Which other games would you like to see on the big stage apart from Call of Duty? Leave a comment


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