Activision making themselves popular! What have they done now after their flopped reveal?

On the 2nd of May Activision released the reveal trailer for this years Call of Duty called Infinite Warfare. The reveal wasn’t received very well at all, as it has almost 2 Million dislikes on YouTube, which makes the video one of the Top 10 most disliked Videos on YouTube.
Together with the reveal Activision showed a sneak peek of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, which will be shipped together with Infinite Warfare. Continue reading “Activision making themselves popular! What have they done now after their flopped reveal?”


Nvidia’s new Graphics Card Series! How good is it really?

Five days ago Nvidia announced their new Graphics Card Series consisting of the GTX 1080 and the GTX 1070. The GTX 1080 will be available at the 27th of May, but only as a “Founders Edition” costing $699 instead of the usual price of $599. A date for the cheap version of the card is yet to be announced.
Two weeks later the GTX 1070 will be released at the 10th of July. This Card will cost $379 and the Founders Edition will be at a price tag of $459. Continue reading “Nvidia’s new Graphics Card Series! How good is it really?”

What is Electronic Arts going to do with the Star Wars license?

On E3 2014 EA Dice showed off a teaser for Star Wars Battlefront, a reimagination of the two game series developed by Pandemic. Star Wars Battlefront was then released in Q4 of 2015. The game received mixed reviews, due to the game playing well, but the content was lacking quite a bit. With some free updates Dice fixed the issue and Star Wars Battlefront is now a well round out game. There is still content coming for Star Wars Battlefront with free updates and the three expansions, which are to come this and next year. The Season Pass will include a Bespin Expansion, a Death Star Expansion and a mysterious Expansion, which will be announced later this year. Continue reading “What is Electronic Arts going to do with the Star Wars license?”

Gaming Releases 2016 Edition!

A third of the year 2016 has already gone by and we have already seen some great Games released.
In this article I will provide you with the, in my opinion, two best games of that particular month. The year didn’t start of very well, as there was no major game release in January. But in February two great games were released. Continue reading “Gaming Releases 2016 Edition!”

Mantle or DirectX 12 will one of them have the upper hand?

With Windows 10 Microsoft implemented their new graphics API (application programming interface) version called DirectX 12. There are not that many games using the new technology so far, as it has not been out for long. The only large games using DirectX 12 are Forza 6 Apex, Arma 3 aswell as DayZ, Hitman, Project Cars, Just Cause 3, Quantum Break and Rise of The Tomb Raider.
These Games demonstrated what graphical fidelity the new powerful API can output. On top of that DirectX 12 has way better performance than it’s predecessor DirectX 11, which was and still is in use for quite some years. Continue reading “Mantle or DirectX 12 will one of them have the upper hand?”

Console War continuing on new Platforms and what has Nintendo to do with it?

With the recent release of the HTC Vive and the upcoming Oculus Rift, there has been a shift in the gaming community. Even casual gamers want to experience the VR experience. That has led to consoles like the Xbox One and Playstation wanting to release support for their own systems or even develop their own VR headset.
The main problem is the current generation of consoles is straight up not powerful enough to run VR headsets properly. But releasing a full new generation of consoles would lead to anger in the console community, because then the current generation would only lasted 3 years.
So releasing a new console generation is not an option what do Sony and Microsoft want to do with VR and their PS4 and Xbox One? Continue reading “Console War continuing on new Platforms and what has Nintendo to do with it?”

E-Sports and Television. A good combination?

There have been several attempts to not only stream competitive online games on the Internet, but on the TV at home. Although the coverage of matches have been slim so far the demand is strangely huge. The International 2014 (Dota 2’s World Championships) has been broadcasted on ESPN 2 for half an hour. In the following year Heroes of the Dorm’s Grand final was broadcasted full length on ESPN 2. Continue reading “E-Sports and Television. A good combination?”