Battlefield 1 and Microtransactions! Will it ruin the game experience?

On the 6th of May Battlefield 1 was revealed on YouTube. The video acquired over 31 Million views and 1.6 Million likes, making it the most successful video game reveal of all time. Electronic Arts has done everything right so far, as they met the communities wishes for a World War I setting. The game will most likely be one of the most successful games this year. Continue reading “Battlefield 1 and Microtransactions! Will it ruin the game experience?”


Gaming Releases 2016 Edition!

A third of the year 2016 has already gone by and we have already seen some great Games released.
In this article I will provide you with the, in my opinion, two best games of that particular month. The year didn’t start of very well, as there was no major game release in January. But in February two great games were released. Continue reading “Gaming Releases 2016 Edition!”

Battlefield 1 Reveal! Is Call of Duty already dead?

Is Call of Duty already dead?

The release of the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare trailer on the 2nd of May sparked a wide disappointment over the First Person Shooter community. The setting so far in the future is just not engaging as a present or historical setting would be. Although Call of Duty tried something new with the introduction of space battles, at least for the single player, aswell as their old ‘boots on the ground’ combat system, the community was not satisfied with the Reveal trailer, as it has 80% dislikes on YouTube as of the 8th of May 2016. Continue reading “Battlefield 1 Reveal! Is Call of Duty already dead?”