Overwatch: Most successful Beta of all time!

On May 5th Blizzard Entertainment released their new First Person Shooter Beta Overwatch to the public. The beta was supposed to end on May 9th. A day prior to the ending Blizzard announced that the beta would end a day later on May 10th.
Overwatch is Blizzard’s attempt on mixing elements of a FPS and a MOBA together combined in one game. Continue reading “Overwatch: Most successful Beta of all time!”


Overwatch Open Beta Extended!

The open/public beta for Blizzard’s Overwatch has almost come to an end. But Blizzard came up with the news that the beta will not end tomorrow (9th of May). Instead the 10th of May will be the final day you will be able to play Overwatch prior to its release on the 24th of May. Continue reading “Overwatch Open Beta Extended!”